Defined by a commitment to stellar artistry and driven by a superior team of industry professionals, JNS Development is a versatile leader in the luxury development sector.


Through our design-build model, we work collaboratively with clients to both conceptualize and execute projects that exceed industry standards. With an acute awareness of value engineering and time management, and a dedication to building impactful working relationships with clients, JNS Development is the premier choice in residential development in the Hamptons and on the North Fork of Long Island. 

Now in its second generation, with over three decades in the industry, JNS Development is led by brothers Nick and Steve Zoumas, who maintain the core values of the company their father founded in 1985. Mastery and precision are inherent to the JNS brand, while transparency and client-first communication characterize the JNS experience. As a full-service firm with a long-rooted history in residential contracting, we exercise a finesse in the luxury development space that allows us to stand out in the industry. 


Your Vision, Realized

Unique to our brand is our diverse construction experience, which enables us to add significant value on the front end during the design and planning phases, as well as to the development and management of the project on its grandest scale.  Our full-service approach ensures that we see your project through from top to bottom—from its finest details to its most opulent components. We aim to ensure that your experience with us is exceptional and that your vision for your home is realized. 


Superior Craftsmanship and Unmatched Expertise

Our skilled architects and craftsmen, as well as our team of certified trade professionals, work with you to assess, plan, and engineer the project from inception to completion. With highly motivated personnel who are equipped with experience, knowledge, and a dedication to excellence, our projects are completed on time and within budget. Our scope of resources and range of specialists allow us to accomplish a majority of our work with our own forces and our own equipment. Relying mainly on our own top-tier team means less outsourcing, a tighter timeline, and a more intimate network of professionals working closely together to achieve your design. 


Synergistic Communication

At JNS Development, keeping an open line of dialogue with our clients, team members, and vendors alike is of utmost importance. Our belief in transparency helps us to value-engineer, remain budget-conscious, and adhere to proposed timelines.  In order to ensure that all moving parts of a project are working in synergy, we believe that our client must be at the forefront of all conversations, informing our process.  Acting as our client’s liaison, we work to facilitate communication between you and the industry professionals dedicated to your project so that ideas remain aligned and results remain true to your vision.  


Our distinguished workmanship and unparalleled proficiency have allowed us to serve a broad clientele and emerge as an industry leader across diverse sectors.